bands archive

Bands we have played with: Blue Fruit Snacks, Rat Rod Kings, Speakeasy, Down North, Scott Barkan, Colonels of Truth, The Old Way, St. Marie of the Sea, Super Natural, Voodoo Swtich, Bully West, Electric Strawberry, Sugar Ponies, Lucas Ohio Patty, Vandella, Buckeye Knoll, Late for Dinner, Before the Brave, Warbler, DeFault American, Chris Kennedy, Bobby Meader Music, Shoofly, TokenGrass, The Getters, The Roughriders, Atom’s Rite, Pilot Brian, Alex Boyleff, Facedown, Atom Age, Day Labor, The Night Shades, Pseudo Juice O, Lazy Sunday, Speedgoat, The Chaw, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Lea Grant, TV Mike & The Scarecrows, The Last Slice, Animal Super Species, Chillum, Company Calls, Dead Women, The Aultman Brothers, Carey Murdock, Bend Sinister, Robot Hilarious, Thirst Things First, Foxfield Four, Thee Swank Bastards, The Gillbillies, Jon Gunton, Dream Tellers, Dom Liberati, Side Effects, Justin Grobbel, TV Mike and the Scarecrows, Paranoids, The Table of Contents, Brooke D, Bikini Complex, Seas & Creatures, RonDre, The Real Numbers, Love Axe, Repeater Pan, Meat Market, Ugly Flowers, Felsen, The Victor Krummenacher Trio, Good Sheriff, The Hit System, Worth Taking, A Hole in the Wall, Brothers Gow, Mute Witness, Outshined, The Niners, Nouveau-Expo, Joe Sharp, Black Eye Affair, Bad Samaritans, Every Atlas, Gun of a Son, Doc Brown, That Guy and His Old Lady, Deathwish 3, Paisley, The Wishful Drinkers, Bosa Nova, Kapowski, Qualia, Chapter, Ok Jose, Steel & Camouflage, Spidermeow, Mark Earnest, Glimpse Trio, One After Another, Brian Klunk, Aspect, Ghost Children, Faster Than Light, The Ejector Seats, Polyhymnia, Project Greenfield, The Hiwatters, Sibb Amour, Chasing The Leap Year, Blaine Counter, That Guy and Those People, Corey Howe And the Dead Flowers, Daniel Hitchcock, Adam Kills All, Thank Lee for the hors d’oeuvres, Lumberjacks, The Dips, Public Nuisance, French Exit, Western Front, Philly’s Phunkestra, Mnemonic Sounds, Oh My My’s, Basic Shapes, 4 More Wars, The Streakin’ Healys, Autry, Hema, Bye Bye Beautiful, Last Valhalla, T. Lashae, Moe Brew, Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits, Scarlet Stoic, Kid With Katana, Exhausted Pipes, Tornado Rider, Scholar and the Meltin Pot, Toneweez, Purpose, The Cap St. Girls, Mirror Point, Chaotic Perfection, Something Simple, Owsley, Ryan Lendt, April in August, Fighting the Villian, Spring-Loaded Hot Dog, The Nature of Monsters, So Called Murder, Pam Bruno, Chloe Dolandis, Falseta, Manical Swifty, Kill Me Kate, Kat Kilpatrick, Monarch Box, The Somethin’ Ain’t Rights, The Iveys, Umbrella Bird, The Breakdown, The 8th Rule, Wave Array, Kick Rock, Heavy Soul, Will Ragsdale, Playground Kings, Jessie Williams and The Boozehounds, The Chapman Swifts, The Ed Forman Show, Via Coma, Lucid Resonance, Conquer the Leviathan, Dear Sincerely, Monkey, Sunshine Factory, Thank Lee For the Hors D ‘Oeuvers, Colton Saylor And the She Sells Sea Shells, The Resistors, Bar Stool Saints, Elvis Goes Hoggin’, Lonely Desert Station, Shake That Bear, The Designer Drugs, Bad Bad Whiskey, Andy Henningsen, Leftmore, …Trail Of Beer Cans, The Swaggerin Growlers, Altercation Punk Comedy Tour, Beautiful Anguish, Ask Alice, She Waves the Flag, The Squeaks, The Shouts, 3-Way, The Sleeper Pins, Swallows, Hot From Far, British Porn, Apocrypha, Industrial Size, Amoeba Knievel, Buddy Nutt, Manu Delago, For the Love of Sloan, Bubblegum Villians, Darling, Kilometers, The False Alarms, All Thumbs and Two Left Feet, Blaine Duncan and the Lookers, Arkadelphia, Look Mom No Hands, Birds Stealing Bread, The Squeaks, Signed By You, Jeff Jernigan, Midnight Train, The Shotgun Effect, Litchfield, The Privies, Brother Luke, Miriam Speyer, Overview, Spindle Tree, Dripsound, Atlantic, The Animations, Jeanette Hawkins, Erica Sunshine Lee, Freex, The Release, In Reverant Fear, Wrecknodrome, Billy the Kid, Dizzy Balloon, Music for Animals, Please Do Not Fight, Picture Atlantic, Kill Your Ex, Cabin Essence, Gutter Poets, Corey Howe, Dantan’s Loney Hearts Club Band, Purple Revenge, Verdant, Octopus Place, The Grave of Nobody’s Darling, Daye, Hello Lonliness, The Unit Breed, Corrina’s Dreamland Band, Give It To Me Rusty, Demolition Reggae, Down Jr, Everyth, Diveplane, Fore Gone, Fools Haven, Lucky Livingston, Robbie Hazen, By Default, Roli, Dead Meat, Saint James Infirmary, Inbryo, Out Past Midnight, Lugosi’s Morphine, The Mess, Walter Prez, The Blue Shades, Windsor Circle, Max Gabriel, Chicken Pickle Monkey Car, Flo Anito, Sleeping in the Aviary, Chemtrail, Danny Dark and the Black Souls, Mike and Amanda Lirange, Crop Circle, Pictures of Then, Ross Christopher, Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Michael Holt, Ghost Buffalo, Bonvue Park, The Guitar Zeros, Maria Morrell, Debra Bedula, Church and Letter, Bank, Power Chief, Drawing Two, Merick, Stay Out Late, Midnight Suit, Kentucky Sound Arsenal, Trace the Skyline, My Lady Four, Columbia vs. Challenger, Tanner Billings and Bite the Bullet, Gabriel Pancerzewski, The Runaway 5, The Singular They, Return to Radio, AVI Buffalo, The Dandy Lions, Majestic Elk, Chase the Moment, Add Moss, The Hormones, The Catholic Comb, You Need New Glasses, Thief Theif, My Sistine Chapel, Low Tide, Travis Bill, Chris Ahlman, Break the Light, Almost Underground, The Pundits, Little Nation, Tron at the Cinesphere, Bar Lights, Protect the Innocent, Mike XVX, Jessie Williams, Morgan Enos, The Pinstripe Rebellion, Justin Fitch, The Audiophiles, Less Than Clever, Flamingo Gunfight, Red Tick Bone, The Useless, Automated, The Very Most, Jack Jones, Qwiksand, Funky Jah Punkys, Plank Road, Say When, Step to Every Pit, Left to Under, Machete Archive, VooDoo 3, The Liquid Kids, Where the Rivers Meet, Langhorne Slim, O Death, Rocket, Egress, Another Holiday, The Stolen Winnebagos, Gwendolyn Lyric, Happy Anarchy, Evan Marshall, Michael Shoup, Damien Horne, Mirth Remedy, Dead on Sunday, Gentleman & Scholars, Johnny on the Rocks, Sweet City Action, Rubber Tramps, Cloud Minder, No Revolution, Veronika Blood, Kauchin, The Transit Groove, The 54th Day, The Latest Addiction, Civil Twilight, Bring Forth the Shed, Empty Orchestra, The Bones of Davey Jones, Skeletor’s Revenge, The Ringer Soundtrack, Gil Ahron Trio, Kat Tale, Silence So Loud, Aviatik, The Enablers, Stepchain, Jonathon Desutter, Chris from Ashes from Cadence, Jynx’d, The Class Act, The Positives, Left off Center, Gidgets Ga Ga, Lonely Sound, Masonry, Bingo Christo, Charlie Slick, Atom’s Rite, Evil Peter Ruggins Trio, Earl Gray Hot!, Jon Crocker, McGuire, Pause 4 Effect, Nightfly, Secrets in the Salt, The Victoria, Leaving the Scene, My Gerbil Girlfriend, Torn Kashmire, Psychiatric Format Pill, Twice Til Tuesday, The JV All Stars, Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands, Hemlock Diaries, Full on Flyhead, Santiago, Litany for a Whale, Go Lay Down, Playground Authority, Anthem, Heard By Word, Gouda Mob, Special Guest, Randit, The Valley Boyz, Ted Holmes, Randy White, Christopher Johnson, Dem Shady Boyz, 5 Days Dirty, Undiagnosed, Kool-EV, Natural Selection, Tiger Hawk, Aught 7, Broken Winter, Blood & Water, The Strategy, Traces of Reason, The Void, Curious Eye, Eve’s Dilemma, Quaker Gun, Fat Lip Lucy, Bridges, Pissboner, Journal Entries, Diabolic Octopus, Hayley E. Rydell, El Valiente, Crooked Halo, A Mirror Image, Bull’s Eye Fred, Take Me Driver, Father Maple, The Dissapointments, Drop Sonics, Zelazowa, National Blues Arsenal, The Useless, Cucumber Clan, The Stops, Sunshine Suprise, Tone Pony, The Goods, Show Biz Kids, Fools on a Hill, The Federalists, Breaking Custom, Dancing With Aspirin, Rattlesnakes!, Nitro’s Blue Horizon, Synesthesia, New Albany, Sean Fors, Turock, The Hang, 7th Turning Hour, Lifted, Sound and Shape, Maxwell Adams, Space Monkey Gangstas, Sim Sala Bim, Forrest Day, Daniel Wright’s World Collective, Karate Blues Band, Nick Orsi Experience, Candaliru, Life’s a Beach, The Jacks, Jump Back, Washington ADD, The Flyover States, Versus in the Chapter, Art & Ransom, Table for One, Riley Sbrana, Jason Moss, Eaten By Bears, The Dropscones, Goodbye Sir, Puppet Patrol, My Monster, Energevil, Powell St John and the Aliens, Panic Button, Pebble Theory, Overide, Someone’s Lullaby, Elephant Head, Fight to Failure, Tommy Mills & Jade Amenity, The Delerium Ride, Mark Alburger, D of Lunaclick, B.A.Y., Husla Boy, The Reserve, Pee Dot Scott, Stoneman, Bones, L Neali, Ya Ya and the Angels, The Wha, Struck by a Bus, Single File Cabinet, No Control, JRJ, In the Limelight, Big Rocks, A Block Apart, Cowabunga, Mike Parvizi, Four 44, Raptor Party, In Regards, JCVD, Hott, Broken Record, Wild Angel, Otto is an Eel, Pure Funk, Tone Pony, Last Minute, Matter, Auntie Depressant, Million Dollar Itch, Kill Our Dreams, Schizo, Greater Than, Zoology, Dreams Die First, All Rights Reserved, 7 Ton Rat, Owsley, Raze the Living, The 45, The Hanks, The City Drive, A Class Act, Bunson, The Bruises, All Heroes, California Rebublic, Two Left Feet, One Dollar Riot, Azrael, Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Seth Chaplas.