Muncie in 2014

Muncie Vinyl FunHowdy ho, neighborino! It has been a fun and exciting 2014 so far for Muncie, Inc. We’ve had a few performances already, including a webcast, a jam night, a couple of long evenings up in Sonoma County, our first appearance in Sacramento, and, of course, a fun evening at our favorite hang out in lovely Benicia – the Rellik. Let January be a sign- 2014 is going to be a great one for us! We have lots in store, starting with a few weekend tours up North and down South, followed by many, many more upcoming out of town and local gigs. We can’t wait! Stay tuned to Facebook for all of the latest info.

And if you do not yet have your very own copy of our neon green vinyl – pick one up today! You can look just like this lovely lady, clearly in vinyl bliss…


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