Oh, what a Spring it shall be!

Greetings! We are very excited for the coming weeks and months, as there is quite a bit in store for lil ol’ Muncie. After a few local shows over the past weeks (Rellik tavern in Benicia, then EJ Phair in Pittsburg a couple of days ago), we are back in the swing of things! If you made it to any of the past few shows, you may have noticed a new face on stage – Swen! Muncie couldn’t be happier about our new, awesome bassist, Swen. Another San Francisco Bay Area native (like the rest of the band), Swen has done an incredible job learning over a dozen original songs, in addition to over 100 cover tunes. Next time you see us, please be sure to say hi and welcome to our new friend!


In other news, we have finally been added to the Live Music Archive – if you don’t know what that is, then we are actually jealous of you, because you now have a new favorite website. The Live Music Archive has tons of live recordings of shows from bands both huge and small, spanning decades of live music. Several of our shows are up now, with more being added constantly. Check it out: http://www.archive.org/details/Muncie.

And have you seen the calendar lately? We have lots of shows coming up in April, plus a tour (and more local shows) in the works for May and beyond. We plan to make it about halfway across the country for this next tour, which will last about 11 days. If you’d like us to come visit you (and you are West of the Mississippi), please let us know! Peace and love to you all – see you soon!

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