Dance Away the Mondays with Muncie!


We could not be more excited for next week! It’s been a few weeks of recuperating after the tour (23 shows in 24 days), but we are back, back, BACK! You have 3 amazing opportunities to catch Muncie next week in the Bay Area. The first chance is MONDAY at our new weekly series, “Dance Away the Mondays with Muncie (& Friends)” at Vinnie’s in Concord. We’ll be playing most of the evening, starting at 9pm, so come drink, eat, dance and be merry! If you are planning to go, be sure to add yourself to the Facebook event HERE. Why go out on Monday? As if the lovely music of Muncie all up in your ears isn’t enough, check it: NO COVER, over a dozen draft beers (including Racer 5), great food, pool, darts and even a patio. See you there! If Monday isn’t your thing just yet (don’t worry, we’ll be there every week so you can work your way up to it), you can also catch us over the weekend at E.J. Phair Tap House in Pittsburg on Friday night, and at the Rellik Tavern in Benicia on Saturday. What a week!

Thanks also (and again) to all of our lovely backers on Kickstarter! We have been working hard to send out the prizes over the past few weeks, so we hope you are all enjoying the shirts, signed CDs, posters, stickers, etc. If you haven’t received your schwag yet, then thank you for your patience – it is coming! Un(?)fortunately we sold out of some t-shirt sizes on tour, so that is one of a few setbacks we have faced in the process. In any case, it’s great to be back in California. We are looking forward to a most excellent 2013!

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