Muncie is Everywhere!

We are not only excited to be writing this update from just outside of Washington, D.C. on day 14 of our tour, but the majority of our current excitement is to spread the word that our new album is now available all over the internet. It was just released onto our most favorite online music program, Spotify! Click here to stream the entire album.

We have just over a week left on our national tour. It’s been great so far meeting nice people who graciously have allowed us to crash on their floors, couches and bunk beds. To get the most current tour updates, including fun photos and videos, please follow us on Facebook at While we are on the topic of Facebook, we had to start a brand new page for Muncie about a month ago, so we are definitely in need of as many likes as we can muster up. Please help us spread the word! And speaking of spreading the word, do you have friends between Virginia and California? We just may be headed their way over the next week or so. Hope to see you (or your friends, enemies, long lost family members, etc.) out there on the road as we keep on truckin’ on back to CA!

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